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Bodypainting by Doug Mitchel advanced tattoo art by doug motchel  coming soon
Body Painting uses a wealth of photos to show just how the application of colorful paint can transform a child’s face or a woman’s body into another dimension. Each of ten chapters presents the start-to-finish painting project of one established artist. The best teachers are the men and women who have already mastered a skill. Body Painting used interviews with the artists to explore their preference for tools, their favorite techniques and how they learned their skills. The discussion of paint choices includes airbrushed body make up, textile acrylics, liquid latex and even markers from companies like Crayola. As pointed out in the captions and the interviews, each material has good points and bad, all are covered in Body Painting. With over 450 photos on 144 pages, Body Painting is a visual feast celebrating a new art form, as well as an instructive how-to book No longer the domain of bikers and sailors, tattoos can now be found decorating the skin of soccer moms and white-collar executives. Tattoo art has emerged from the garage to the parlor, from the local bar to the board room. With interest in tattoos at an all-time high, the time is right for a detailed look at the art and artists who create the elaborate designs. Advanced Tattoo Art takes the reader inside the shops of ten well-known and very experienced artists spread across the country. Detailed photo sequences follow each artist through one project, from the customer’s concept to the finished and colorful design. Both a how-to book and a photo-intense look at the world or tattoos, Advanced Tattoo Art includes interviews with the artists that explain not only how they do what they do, but why they create the designs. coming soon
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