How To Tattoo website is dedicated to featuring the art and the business of tattoos, tattooing and tattoo culture.

How To TattooWhat can be said about tattoos and tattooing in 2018, that has not been said a thousand times already? Tattoos seem to be ubiquitous with this time in human history so much so that it seems that there is a hardly a soul anywhere to be found without at least one tattoo on their body, making un-tattooed humans a real rarity now. This was not always the case though, it was not that long ago that tattoos we’re only to be found on the extreme minority of the world’s populations and the art and the business of tattooing was outright illegal, which made learning the art of tattooing an almost impossible task.

How to tattooHow far things have come in such as short span of time. Now, in 2018, all one has to do now is log onto the Internet and either watch the multitude of how to tattoo videos, or purchase how to tattoo books from any one of the plethora of online retailers selling them, for one to become familiar with how to tattoo, which does not replace the actual practice of tattooing by trial and error in any way, but it sure goes a long way to assisting a person’s education.  In almost every neighborhood in the Western world a tattooing studio can be found operating now, usually not too far from the local Starbucks coffee shop or some other branded coffee chain, as a poignant correlation, thus indicating that there is gainful employment in the profession to be found.

This website was first created fifteen years ago, in 2003, for very much the same reasons why it still exists to day,  as an online location that is dedicated to featuring the art and the business of tattoos, tattooing and tattoo culture, but more specifically for assisting anyone and everyone who is interested in tattooing.

How to tattooThere are many individuals in the world of tattooing who are both vehemently against this website’s existence or there existing any means of learning tattooing outside of their control, for a variety of reasons, with some of the reasons being rational but most are anything but that.

I wish you, the reader – visitor success, health wealth and happiness on your path in life.

J. Andrews
Toronto, Canada 2018